Boarding for cats

For our feline guests we offer:

  • quiet, secluded cattery units with enclosed sleeping areas¬†heated in winter
  • private gardens with scratching posts and toys
  • opportunity to brush up on bird-watching skills!

“The best kennels ever. Our dogs and cats have always been so well cared for, by both Lindsay and Bernie, highly recommended to all.”

Alison Dodge

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For our feline guests we offer enclosed cat units with brick-walled sleeping units that are heated during winter months. The cattery is separate from the kennels for a quieter experience. We can provide bedding, however cats usually prefer the comfort of their own bed.

Each unit has a private garden where guests can enjoy sprawling in the sun, climbing and sharpening claws on a tree stump, playing with toys or admiring the local bird life.

Our feline guests are treated to regular grooming during their visit.

We serve breakfast and dinner from the Whiskas menu, meat in jelly, and biscuits to snack on between meals. We can cater for special dietary requirements.

We pride ourselves on the special attention we give all our guests. You can enjoy your time away with peace of mind knowing your pets will enjoy the same care we give our own pets.

Returning visitors get one night FREE

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